The Benefits of Opening Up to New Possibilities

We never begin an undertaking with the intention of failing. When we do fail, we usually question whether we had the know-how, the necessary tools, sufficient resources or adequate support. Rarely do we consider that we didn’t think big enough and open ourselves to all the possibilities. 

Opening yourself to new possibilities means creating a compelling vision and space in your existence for what you want to achieve. It means making powerful declarations about the future you envision and then setting out on a course toward realizing that potential. It is, however, much more tangible than just those things, especially when you run a sales organization. Sales professionals are often so focused on pushing products and services that they fail to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. In sales, we tend to think of having a singular focus as a good thing. Why wouldn’t we want our salespeople devoting all of their attention and energy to emptying showroom shelves of existing inventory, or keeping the service bays full? Filtering out distractions can facilitate that focus. But few of our best potential opportunities are directly in front of us and the focus we sometimes work hard to achieve can act like blinders that block out myriad possibilities and opportunities that exist along the vast periphery.

Rarely do we consider:
“Wow! I didn’t think big enough!”

It takes extra effort, courage and vision to think outside the norm and believe in something based only on the declaration of something you intend to achieve. Overcoming the accompanying fears and anxieties can be challenging. However, it is along – and even outside – the margins that we are likely to discover new pathways that can help us achieve a desired future and build our businesses. Sales organizations need more information about their internal weaknesses, even as they scan the periphery for opportunities and seek new possibilities. Too many can account for what they sell without having any documentation of lost business and missed opportunities. Albert Einstein once said: “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” Molloy Business Development provides the science to help companies see that old problem from a new angle.

Increasingly sophisticated buyers, stiffer competition, and a tougher business climate means sales organizations and professionals need a broader view of the available opportunities and they need to be better prepared to take advantage of them. A singular, razor-like focus might seem like a good strategy. But every member of the team needs to actively scan for threats and opportunities in order to take advantage of new possibilities.

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