Preparing for Chaos: Knowing What Works in the Sales Game

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca once said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” We tend to think of highly successful business, political and social leaders as visionaries. But look closer and you’ll see that they succeed by possessing the right skills and making use of the appropriate tactics for the jobs they face […]


Sales organizations have always faced daunting challenges in trying to create seamless workflow processes, but that has never been more the case than it is now. People are living longer, and a single work environment can include employees from four generations. They have not only grown up at different times, but with different values and (frequently) […]

Propane Shortage 2014!

  Breakdown: While our great nation faces many crises of different types, it seems that none of them come on as fast and furious as those caused by Mother Nature. The most recent example of this has been a combination of a wet corn crop that required more fuel to dry and the horrible cold […]

The Effects of Cyber Bullying

Breakdown: While bullying has always been a traumatizing event for both children and adults who experience it, interactions used to be limited to those of a physical nature in public or private spaces such as the school yard, office, or in the home. The onset of cyber bullying however has completely changed the playing field […]

Growing Your Business in the Digital World: Getting Greater Results with a Smaller Marketing Budget

Traditional Advertising Is Dead! Now What?!!     The way we do marketing in this country has shifted so profoundly to the digital world that it has become clear to the savvy CEO that traditional advertising methods are mostly nostalgic. Is a better approach to design and manage a comprehensive digital marketing campaign?   In […]

Lifetime Customers: A Strategy

Breakdown: Companies are always concerned with numbers. Numbers represent sales, tax numbers, bottom lines, employee turnover rates, and every other cog in the machine that makes a business churn. However, it is all too often that company leaders are so focused on “hitting the numbers” that something is lost in translation when it comes to […]

Bad Leadership Can Spread Like a Virus

Breakdown: There are businesses all across the globe of different shapes and sizes performing vastly different tasks and speeding toward different goals every day. Ask just about any group of employees or credible authority in any industry what the nucleus of success is and they will likely give you the same answer; quality leadership. In […]

Meeting Sales Quotas in a Changing Society

Breakdown: Today, salespeople face greater challenges in the field than ever before. In fact, according to a study carried out by the Bridge Group in 2013, less than 50% of salespeople on average were able to meet their intended quotas. Moreover, the revenue targets for businesses on average were shown to be marked more than […]