What Does The Word Sales Really Mean? We Offer Up A More Useful Definition

  If you were to look up the definition of the word ‘sales’ right now, you would probably find a definition that looks something like this… Sale – sāl Plural noun:   The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something Synonyms: selling, vending, deal, transaction (Google.com, 2014)   Pretty straight forward right? […]

Are Your Salespeople Pushy or Pushovers?

  For years I worked in purchasing, as the sole agent in charge of supplying computer hardware and software equipment for a liberal arts college in the Midwest. I called vendor after vendor, seeking pricing on everything from single printer toner cartridges to bulk orders of personal computers. With the range of prices I received, […]

Propane Shortage 2014!

  Breakdown: While our great nation faces many crises of different types, it seems that none of them come on as fast and furious as those caused by Mother Nature. The most recent example of this has been a combination of a wet corn crop that required more fuel to dry and the horrible cold […]

Maybe Trust

It is human nature to question. New people, strange environments, new foods, and new products are among the endless number of items that are cause for pause. People have a tendency to be skeptical when faced with new situations, and only develop trust after a period of assessment and acceptance. It appears to be a natural phenomenon; […]