What do you do when your computer crashes? Or, say you need to call a family member or friend, but don’t have your cell phone… can you recall the number? If you’re like most people, you’re hard-pressed to get any work done without your computer and without your cell phone in hand, you’re lucky to […]

Competitive Culture: The Role of Commitment in Sales

JUST ABOUT EVERYONE HAS SOME LEVEL OF COMPETITIVE SPIRIT… WINNING MATTERS TO US! We like the recognition and the satisfaction. But that’s not enough in a sales organization. Businesses that are dependent on direct customer contact need more from salespeople than the satisfaction of winning individually. They need a commitment to the success of the business as a […]

Ideas! Where do they come from… and why are they important?

Some days, the wellspring of your creative genius just seems to have run dry. Try as you might, you can’t come up with good ideas for that high-profile marketing campaign, the launch of a new product or service, a fresh sales promotion, or solving an everyday problem. Your originality, imagination, inspiration, inventiveness and resourcefulness are all […]

Practicing Powerful Communication Skills

Think back to the worst boss, colleague, or employee you’ve ever had and then seriously consider what was lacking. It’s likely that you’ll include poor communications skills or perhaps a lack of commitment, both of which are consistently identified as key leadership traits. Few people will argue with the assertion that being a powerful communicator […]

Why Empowering Employees is Mission Critical

Back in the late 1980s many companies latched onto the emerging concept of empowering employees. For the next two decades, they hired countless training consultants to indoctrinate staff with the concept of empowerment as added responsibility and accountability. The failure of those old initiatives is demonstrated by today’s high levels of employee dissatisfaction. Nearly eight […]

How Saying “Yes” Can Be Empowering

There is an element of excitement in hearing the word “yes”. Remember how cheerful you would feel after your parents said yes to even the simplest of things? We continue to experience a little of that throughout our lives. Hearing yes gives us a bit of instant happiness, satisfaction, and validation that can greatly influence our […]

Creating a Legacy of Effective Communication

In September 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered his now-famous “we choose to go to the moon” speech before a large crowd at Rice Stadium in Houston. His speech is often remembered for its stirring, high-minded oratory. But it was also characteristic of his pragmatic approach to governing. He initially proposed the moon landing in 1961, […]

Assessments color the way we look at the world

The old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression is much more truthful than you might have ever thought. It’s not just a saying; it’s almost always a fact! Research shows that we quickly develop impressions of others – sometimes in as little as a tenth of a second […]

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Previously, I discussed how excellence and mediocrity are contagious and how either can infect an organization and elevate or sink performance levels. Just as a star performer can inspire every member of the team to be better, mediocrity is like a cancer that goes undetected while undermining the organization until substantial damage is done. Genuinely […]