Diet Plans: Fad or Famine


As a country that is nearly 70% overweight collectively, the pressure is on to drop the pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, Americans are conditioned to believe that the latest fad diet, colon-cleanse, or juice fast is the answer to all of their woes. The truth is that while most dieters do lose at least 5 to 10% of their starting weight, about two thirds gain every pound back within a year with most of the remaining third putting the pounds back on in four to six years.

Diets are like a very small bandage covering a festering wound without triple antibiotic. Dieting might seem like its working at first and trick our minds into thinking we are becoming healthier, but all we are really doing by always partaking in the latest weight loss craze is negating the true way to conquer obesity and other unhealthy habits; making a real and lasting lifestyle change in mind, body, and spirit.

Unfortunately, in a world where technology has taught us that it is better to seek instant gratification rather than communicate our problems to find viable solutions, it is harder than ever to see the fallacy in weight loss plans with the single aim of helping you lose temporary pounds in an unhealthy way, simply because results can be seen in days rather than over the course of a lifetime.


Living a healthy lifestyle which includes achieving a healthy weight and diet is a personal decision. It’s easy to state that it’s a no brainer in a succinct fashion like this, but there is a lot more to it. Read on…

First, being trim and fit is a personal narrative, a story that that we tell ourselves in which we are the star. A story in which ‘we win’! It’s a story that has us eating the right foods and hanging out with the right people. Who are the right people? Others who are fit and healthy! Other people who are aligned with us! In order to achieve fitness and health goals over time, you need to spend time with coaches and trainers and other students of the subject who are aligned with your goals and objectives. As a runner and triathlete, I can tell you how important that piece of the puzzle is. I’m always engaged in my own fitness and health narrative with my triathlon coach, running coach and swimming coaches along with my fellow fitness aficionados. I’m immersed in a personal narrative along with these other people and we share details of our own stories with each other when we work out and practice together. Goals and objectives are common knowledge among the members of the group. Be clear that there is a personal story that is the cause, in most people, of your being out of shape and eating the wrong foods. So the first steps in becoming fit and healthy are to make the personal declaration to do so and to begin rewriting your personal narrative.

I promise to share later on about what I’ve found to be the best approach for an actual workout program design, but before we get to that, write a story in which you are the star, in which you achieve the exact weight and fitness level you want. Make it as detailed as possible. In fact, the more detail the better.

My brief story… at the age of 55 I was out of shape and weighed 180 lbs. Since following my own advice, I’ve been on Team USA Triathlon three times and in 2011 finished in 6th place in the World Triathlon Championships in Beijing China (age group) and was the first American across the finish line.

Today, my weight is 150 and at the age of 62, I am planning on running a 6:00 minute mile. I will share more details about how I was able to get into the best shape of my life at this advanced age. But I am 100% certain that the first step is to write a powerful personal story.

All results in life are directly tied to the way we communicate with ourselves and others in our network.

Start writing!!!