Growing Your Business in the Digital World: Getting Greater Results with a Smaller Marketing Budget

Traditional Advertising Is Dead! Now What?!!



The way we do marketing in this country has shifted so profoundly to the digital world that it has become clear to the savvy CEO that traditional advertising methods are mostly nostalgic. Is a better approach to design and manage a comprehensive digital marketing campaign?


In the simplest of terms, digital marketing allows you to promote your brand via a network of multiple electronic media formats. The catch, however, is that with technology changing so often and consumers becoming increasingly hungrier to use it, many companies fail to grasp, keep up with, and optimize the incredible power digital marketing has in helping them reach existing customers and new target markets.


As a general rule of thumb, businesses typically budget anywhere from 2% to 5% of their annual revenue on marketing efforts. For example, if you run a $10,000,000 business, then roughly $200,000-$500,000 of it is dedicated to marketing. After tracking and analyzing both traditional and digital marketing efforts for the past ten years, we have uncovered a unique (and perhaps surprising) perspective with regard to what ‘marketing effectiveness’ really means; a revelation that can be summed up in one assertion: A thoughtfully designed digital marketing effort can outperform traditional advertising 10:1 in terms of cost effectiveness. We have seen this occur on a regular basis.


A recent example of this is a client who invested in a direct mail campaign. A call tracking system (CallMaxPlus) was used to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. What they discovered was alarming; the cost per sales lead ran about $80.00 per piece. At the same time, in the same industry, a digital marketing campaign for a different client produced 800 sales leads for less than $4.00 each. The lessons learned were in the results: the efficiency and impact of a well-designed ‘digital plan’ can be mind boggling.


Results like these – along with the growing number of studies that support it – have shifted the attention of our clients. As they begin to understand the impact of digital marketing, many have begun to either reduce or cancel their traditional marketing efforts, opting instead to grow their sales lead count digitally. But, successful digital marketing can be elusive. The key is in understanding how it all ties together.


We now find ourselves in a vastly expanding digital world, one that changes on a monthly basis. Without a sound digital management philosophy, one could spend countless dollars simply trying to understand critical nuances of SEO, blogging, social media marketing, and organic search rankings, let alone how they must be linked together to successfully impact your business.


A good starting point is to understand some basic terminology. Let’s begin with Organic Traffic and Organic Search. An organic search is a search that generates results that do not involve paid advertisements. Because of this, organic search results are a more accurate reflection of consumer reach. SEO or search engine optimization is an attempt to adjust the content of one’s digital presence to rank well in organic search results. Search engines are in the digital advertising/marketing business. This means their number one job is to return search results that are relevant and accurate. The more relevant and accurate the better the search experience for customers. This is where the difference between a highly effective and sadly mediocre digital strategy comes into play.


Your overall digital presence is a communication portal for customers and prospects. The way to generate organic results is through powerful original content where everything is tied together. Because of the way search engines operate, it is a “rookie” mistake to rely on pay per click strategies or strategies that build bulk by installing meaningless content stuffed with keywords into your site. In fact, some of our clients are canceling PPC (pay per click) campaigns altogether, because their organic search results and organic leads have proven more cost effective than anything else.


Designing and building a web presence with relevant content is a mission critical activity. Relevant content includes and involves more than just your website, but expands to all your related web properties, blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter content. It’s all included when determining relevance; and it all has to be linked together. The key to success is a well-defined plan. This is imperative.




The graph below represents what’s possible after implementation of a well-designed digital marketing program. The program was started on December 1st and a only three months sales lead call volume was running 8x higher than before.


The End Game: Big Savings and Enormous Results are Possible!


As we continue the migration away from traditional advertising toward a digital strategy, huge cost savings and efficiency improvements are possible. Consider a $15,000,000 business with a budget of 4% on marketing and advertising. Current research and marketing trends indicate that a well-planned digital marketing strategy will generate better results for only $450,000 instead of the $600,000 in the current budget. We see this all the time! This is the future of marketing, driven by the digital age we live in.


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