Power Sales Training Classroom

As part of Dan Molloy’s Power Sales Training, we offer an immersive in person training session:

Power Sales Training Classroom.

Dan Molloy will conduct a 4 hour Sales Training session in your training facility or a local hotel conference room.

“We are on the planet to exercise our own unique personal power. We are not here to hide in the corner. We are here to produce results in all areas of life, including sales.

I’ve designed this unique 4 hour session so that your employees will experience their enormous personal power. I will teach them exercises so they can develop and refine it. I will show them how to use their power both at home and of course on the job as sales professionals.

 I guarantee an informative and motivational session for your employees. They will learn distinctions and skills that will serve them a lifetime.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this training event, I’ll give you your money back!”

– Dan Molloy

Power Sales Training is offered as a complement to Power Sales Training Certified and as a “one-off” training session for select customers.

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