Sales Team Development

Dan Molloy is dedicated to helping your company & sales team grow.

When you sign your company up for Power Sales Training Certified, Dan and his team will take your sales team through a 3-step process, that once complete will result in a guaranteed increase in revenue.  

Molloy Client Growth Process

Sales Team Assessment:

Every client gets the same 30 day sales team assessment.


Power Sales Training Certified:

This is guts of your company sales team growth.  

While every company will have their sales team certified by Dan Molloy’s Power Sales Training, not every company will take Power Sales Training at the same pace.

We offer 3 levels of growth detailed below.

Digital Marketing Evolution:

Once your sales team is certified and ready, we will make the phone ring more!

About our Digital Marketing offerings

Sales Team Development Plans – Your Path Options to Certification!

Slow Growth:  Implement Power Sales Training Certified over the course of several months, allow you to organize your sales organization and take the initial steps we prescribe.

Moderate Growth:  We begin immediately with Power Sales Training Certified, with a target of implementing our Digital Marketing improvements within the first 3 months.

Aggressive Growth:  Implement Power Sales Training Certified and Digital Marketing Evolution simultaneously.  This approach will only be recommended if our assessment indicates your sales organization can successfully handle an  immediate increase in sales opportunities.

Which level is right for your company?

Dan is happy to discuss that with you!

Contact us today.

Let me show you!

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Factors that influence which plan is right for your sales organization

  • What are your overall closing percentages?

  • What are your closing percentages by: Branch, Region, Product Category?

  • How effective is your current digital advertising?

  • How many sales opportunities does your team field a day?

  • What types of sales opportunities are they?