Power Sales Training is:


Sales Training

Dan Molloy’s Power Sales Training is for professional sales organizations looking to take their sales to the next level and master the Art of Sales.

Don’t run your sales team? Just looking to hone your individual skills? 

No problem, We Can Help You With That! 

Power Sales Training is available in 2 packages for the individual.

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Power Sales Training for the Organization

  • Power Sales Training Certification Program – You Sales Team goes through a 30 day assessment, followed by weeks of personalized training
  • Seal Team Sales Training for the Tire & Auto industry – a week long training session and commitment with Dan

Not sure which is right for you and your company, talk to Dan.
He is happy to help you decide.

Power Sales Training for the Individual

  • Power Sales Training University – Online resources available 24×7, allowing you to learn at your own pace
  • Power Sales Training Live – Join Dan’s webinars, choose from 8 webinars weekly, up to 2x a week

“The first program I’ve seen that has it all together! We are all in!” Danny Smith – Same Day Auto Repair – Tire Pros, Tulsa, OK. (5 stores)

“Dan Molloy has helped us over the last decade to become a Listening and Commitment based company. It’s has transformed our operation in profound, positive and lasting way! – Chris Mitsos – Mountain    View Tire, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (30 stores)

“Dan’s approach to training and learning has energized our entire operation. We have improved our results in a depressed economic market. I did not think it was possible. I am thrilled!” – Pat Smith – Pat’s Auto Repair – Tire Pros, Oklahoma City, OK. (4 stores)

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