Power Sales Training Live!

—  Get Access to Dan Molloy’s live Power Sales Training on-line sessions for one year!

—  This is access for the individual, self-motivated salesperson!

Learn and train at your own pace:

—  Attend as many sessions as you want with no minimum number to attend

—  You will have access to over 30 online, live sessions a month to select from (details below)

Dan Molloy holds on-line Power Sales Training sessions nationwide Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at the following times:

  • 6:45 AM Eastern
  • 7:45 AM Eastern
  • 8:45 AM Eastern
  • 9:45 AM Eastern

In these sessions, you will earn the principles of Power Sales Training, including: 

  • how to spot sales opportunities
  • how to turn the conversation into action
  • language of commitment

you will also:

  • listen to real sales calls (recorded from the previous week) 
  • have the opportunity to practice new sales talk tracks

To watch a sample of Power Sales Training Live, check out the videos found here

What you need to know:

  • Upon registration, you will be sent an e-mail with the Meeting Information. Keep it.

  • Show up to the Power Training class with your WorkBook in hand

  • Kindly be on-line and ready to go at least 3 minutes early.

  • Dial in from your computer, tablet or smart phone so I can share my screen and video with you.

  • You can also phone in from the road.

  • You can phone in AND dial in from your computer, but if you choose this option, keep your computer speakers OFF.

In addition the live on-line sessions, you will have access to hundreds of prerecorded videos, industry reports and other sales resources

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