How to Improve Your Phone Closing % in a Dramatic Fashion; A Promise from CEO Dan Molloy

Handling price shoppers on the phone is something that is very important to me. You see, back in 1998, I became a partner in Procare Automotive which operated 104 auto repair and tire stores with 1,000 employees. I raised 36 million so that the Sullivan Group could purchase the company. We took over the business in the fall of 1998.

It became clear to me pretty quickly that we were not really in the tire and auto repair business (which shocked my partners when I said it), but rather we were in the customer service business. Thousands of prospective customers called our network of 104 stores which consisted of about 500 phone lines being answered by about 400 people at any given moment.
Given that I was already experienced with “The Language Of Commitment”, I became fascinated by how our phones were being handled. I started listening very closely and started gathering data about the conversations taking place. I was curious about;
  •          How many calls were we receiving at each location?
  •          What were the callers requesting?
  •          How many different types of requests were being made?
  •          How did our staff respond?
  •          What was the result?
  •          What was the appointment closing percentage?


Customers Have Problems!
The conversations were pretty much the same, day in and day out. That is, our customers and prospects called us because they had car problems which resulted in transportation breakdowns. They had to see grandma or go to work to pick up the kids or go on vacation, but they had car problems which prevented that from happening.
Information and Data! – Recurrent Conversations!
Thousands of times each day, callers entered our world on the phone and had the same conversations with our staff (I called these conversations, recurrent mission critical conversations). They would state their ‘breakdown’ and then request a ‘price’ to fix same. Our staff would answer them every time in the same way. They would always give a price and since they were experts in auto repair, would spend enormous amounts of time talking about what the technical issues might be. It was of course ‘pure speculation’ given they didn’t have the car yet in the shop.
Mission Critical Conversations!
It became immediately clear to me that these ‘recurrent conversations’ were the source of all our business and the source of all our ‘lost business’ at the same time.
What’s Missing – Across The Board – All Industries!
After ten years of research in the following industries;
  • New car dealers
  • Auto repair
  • Tire
  • Propane
  • Glass
  • Paint
  • Financial Services
  • Water
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Marine
  • Wholesale Supply


I offer the following findings;
  • Most people are stuck in the information age and feel that giving out information in the name of customer service is what they are supposed to do.
  • There are no standards for effective communication in business today and this is a problem.
  • The educational system has prepared us for NOTHING in the domain of communication. That’s why marriages fail and people can’t find jobs. Very few people are truly experts in the domain of communication.
  • Employees show up for work and for the most part, don’t know that the game is to generate commitment, on behalf of the company, in an effort to take care of customers and prospects. Not knowing this or understanding how to generate commitment, by design, is a huge problem and at the same time, a big opportunity for astute business people.


My Offer to You!
I invite any of our blog readers to contact us so that I can continue this conversation with you personally because communication as it relates to handling price shoppers is the heart of the issue for many companies. I can show you during a 15 minute discussion exactly how we improve closing percentages and improve communication skills in a dramatic fashion. The Molloy Team is committed to improving communication skills with our clients. So… if you want to improve performance in your company… We can help you with that!