McLea’s Tire and Automotive Service Centers Become an ICHYWT Company

Santa Rosa, California – April 2013 – McLea’s Tire and Automotive Service Centers completes historic ICHYWT™ contest! Two years after beginning to adopt the Language Of Commitment as an operational philosophy, McLeas has become a ‘full blown’ I Can Help You With That™ company. And according to Rick McLea, “We can measure it accurately!” Rick continues, “We started the Molloy process exactly two years ago by listening to what our staff was saying. We allowed Dan’s team to assess and grade calls. After listening to the results with Dan’s team, we were more frustrated than ever. There was no consistency from branch to branch and there was no direction. Two years after being trained by Molloy’s team and after adopting the Language Of Commitment we are a new company. We are energized and motivated at being an I Can Help You With That™ company. We now have clear standards for how to communicate, operationally, with customers and prospects and in our personal lives. It’s been an eye opening experience. In Q-1 of 2013 in partnership with Molloy, we launched the first ever ICHYWT™ company wide contest. And it was a total success. On a monthly basis Molloy grabbed 50 calls per branch at random to assess if we were saying, I Can Help You With That™ on the call. Les and I feel it’s imperative that we declare to every customer that ‘We can help you with that!