Meeting Sales Quotas in a Changing Society

Today, salespeople face greater challenges in the field than ever before. In fact, according to a study carried out by the Bridge Group in 2013, less than 50% of salespeople on average were able to meet their intended quotas. Moreover, the revenue targets for businesses on average were shown to be marked more than 16% higher than the previous year. Perhaps even more disheartening was that of all the businesses surveyed, the average projected growth rates for 2014 were marked at over 10%, despite the fact that not only had less than half of the sales force were meeting sales quotas, but that these figures were actually flat from the previous four years as well.
There can be no doubt that despite their skills, salespeople are struggling to adapt in our changing society and are becoming disheartened and disengaged as a result. Since the onset of email, mobile technology, texting, and social media, it is harder to find a concrete approach to engage and entice potential customers. On top of this, they face pressure from their families, their management team, potential customers, and themselves. Going into 2014 with emptier pockets, many are left wondering whether they should change careers.
Molloy BDG has analyzed more than 60,000 business sales conversations with the following findings. Most sales people are skilled at talking about ‘the data’…and… ‘the technology’. At the same time, our findings show that more than 95% are not skilled at effective communication, ‘building trust and generating action’, the cornerstones of producing commerce. Enrolling your staff in Molloy’s Language Of Commitment™ program is the solution.


According to Dan Molloy, Founder, “We are the only company I know of who has taken the time to listen to and analyze this many business sales conversations. Our findings are both discouraging and at the same time, open up the door to enormous growth. If your company has been successful to date, imagine how much further you could increase sales by contacting Molloy BDG today and allowing us to help you implement clear and measurable standards for Effective Communication company wide. We are helping companies all over the country reach new levels of performance by adopting the Language Of Commitment as an operational philosophy. It’s effective and simple not just for meeting sales quotas, but for improving all aspects of your business.