Molloy BDG Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Union City, New Jersey – May 2013 – Molloy BDG is pleased to announce it’s 10th Anniversary. In May of 2003, Procare Automotive a large company I owned 2% of filed for bankruptcy and all of a sudden I was out of job. No income, a wife and two kids depending on me for college and everything else that comes with the territory. No problem! Doreen, my wife, turned to me and declared, “You need to start your own business!”. And we did. Ten years later we have trained thousands of students and worked with hundreds of client companies. We have refined our offer and continued to develop our programs. In may of 2013, I had $100,000 put aside for college education and so all of a sudden that became the ‘seed money’ for start of this ill-timed adventure.

We have weathered the economic downturn, put the kids through college, we have helped our clients operate more effectively and in each of the last two years we’ve experienced better than double digit growth. Molloy BDG is on the right path.

Along the way we’ve designed a patent-pending system for measuring the effectiveness of communication inside companies, have designed a system that provided recorded feedback to students in remote locations and have built an Online University System all dedicated to improving the way humans communicate.

This past year we unveiled the ICHYWT™ program which is producing a profound transformation in the companies who have adopted it.

We are more clear than ever that improving human communication is the next frontier for business people.

We look forward to the next ten years of innovation, growth, development and collaboration