On the Road Again

Dan Molloy is preparing for an epic road trip later this summer.

These days the first two lines of a famous Willie Nelson song keep running through Dan Molloy’s head: “On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

That’s because Dan is preparing for an August sweep that will see him visiting clients in up to eight states over four weeks. It’s Dan’s way of blending old style face-to-face, personal contact with new high tech strategies to show businesses how to better communicate.

“Everything in life happens because people communicate, efficiently or inefficiently,” Dan says. And, the goal, of course, is to make that communication efficient.

Dan’s road trip harkens back to 1974 when he first got his start as a door-to-door salesman, cold calling and knocking on doors to sell home improvement service, like aluminum siding. (Yes, Dan was a tin man.) As technology developed, selling changed – from cold calls on foot to cold calls by phone and then to cold e-mails. But Dan believes a personal touch is still necessary. At the same time he will not be making “unresearched cold calls,” but rather well researched offers to carefully selected prospects.

So he’ll be loading up a 34-foot RV with computers, video and other equipment and go calling on businesses for that eye-to-eye contact. But he’ll also have all the technology in his mobile “office” he’ll need to demonstrate his methods and tell his story.

“Let me show you how my SalesMaxPlus program can help your business grow!” Dan says. “Or let me show you how my Sales Academy can help your employees communicate more effectively and sell more in the process!”

Being on the road again, with our tools and innovative programs is the perfect marriage of old and new, he says.

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