SalesMax Plus™

Game Changing Software for your Business! 

SalesMax Plus™ includes:

  • Daily Closing Percentages

  • Daily Missed Opportunity Reporting

  • Real Time Sales Alerts

  • Call Analytics by Product Category

  • and much more!

Molloy’s SalesMaxPlus™ is a new and innovative “game changing program” that provides you with this mission critical data and much, much more.

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Benefits of SALESMAX PLUS include:

  • Improved Closing Percentages
  • Improved Sales
  • Improved Training
  • Knowledge of where your team ranks nationally

Here’s what you get with SALESMAX PLUS;

  1. Accurate list of all sales leads coming into your company
    1. Who called – their phone number and name (most of the time)
    2. What product or service they called about (all the time)
  2. Which sales person took the call? (all the time)
  3. Which store or region receives the most sales leads?
  4. What is the breakdown of sales leads by product or service?
  5. What are the closing percentages?
    1. By region
    2. By store / branch
    3. By sales person
    4. By product / service
  6. Much more


Reporting Package – Daily, Monthly and Custom reporting