Savannah Tire Enters Into a Trademark License Agreement

Savannah Georgia – January 2013 – Savannah Tire has entered into a trademark license agreement with Molloy BDG to begin a re-branding process for the entire company. David Wall, President, reports, “Dan Molloy came to us with a re-branding idea that ties directly into the Language Of Commitment training program and we jumped at it. Becoming an ICHYWT™ I Can Help You With That™ company just goes ‘clunk’ for it, it makes sense. As you can see that phrase is on our web page, it’s stated again on signage in the stores and our staff has it on their shirts in the form of an ICHYWT™ button. Additionally, everyone’s being trained to declare it to every customer or prospect who calls us. We now have a consistent message or as Dan says, “We have a branded advertising program and a branded training program”. It’s powerful, it works and it’s re-energized our staff. We are becoming an I Can Help You With That™company. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s what I’ve always wanted.