Savannah Tire Enters Into New One Year Agreement

Savannah Georgia – January 2013 – Savannah Tire a long time Molloy client has entered into a new one year agreement designed to take performance to another level and to re-brand the company in the Savannah market. According to David Wall, President, “We have worked with Dan’s team for 4 years and have a great working relationship. We found ourselves recently with many new employees who have not been properly trained in the way we do things here at Savannah Tire. We met with Dan and his team and we are on our way to re-establishing clear communications standards inside the company. The approach is simple, first we teach the principles of the Language Of Commitment and then we practice and measure results. I wish there was an easy way, like some button we could press and it would be done, but we’re dealing with people. The Molloy team does a great job at telling it like it is. Sometimes they’re rough and at times gentle, but always appropriate to the situation. The point is, that as President of the company, I need to have all my players on the same page. With Molloy’s help I know we can accomplish the goal. We’ve done it in the past and we can do it now.