Teaching the Talk

Training employees in communication and commitment is a game changer in business and in life, Dan Molloy says.

Dan Molloy realized 20 years ago that businesses don’t know how to communicate with customers. He’s waging a one-man campaign to change that.

Consider the typical phone conversation between a customer and the sales rep who answers your phone:

Sales Rep: Acme Widget Company.

Customer: Hi, do you have a pink widget?

Sales Rep: Let me check. – Pause while he/she checks. – Yes, we do. It’s $29.95.

Customer: Okay, thanks.

Customer hangs up.

Maybe there’s a sale. More likely not.

Yet that’s the type of conversation that goes on in most businesses every day. The sales rep is polite and answers the customer’s question, just as he or she has been taught. The problem is, Dan says, the sales rep has made no commitment to the customer. No declaration that he/she is there to solve that customer’s problems. The result: lost sales.

That result is magnified if the company has more than one branch because the same mistake is repeated multiple times daily in each branch.

In most companies there are no clear standards for what it means to communicate effectively. Dan likens the situation to a 16-piece orchestra. All the members are trying to play the same song, but everyone has a different idea about tempo, key and interpretation.

“How’s that going to work out?” Dan asks.

Yet, that’s exactly what businesses do.

“There’s no model on how to get more sales, on how to move the needle,” Dan says. “They just say, ‘Do more. Work harder. Follow the script!’ And managers and owners experience pain, suffering and sometimes get angry when the results aren’t there. It’s not effective and in a way, it’s insane. Absolutely insane.

Dan has developed a training package to teach the language of communication and commitment. In the process, clear standards are set for what it means to communicate effectively. When the lesson is learned, life and business are changed.

Dan Molloy | Molloy Business Development Group | Molloy BDG


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