Chris Mitsos

You promised to make a fundamental change in the way we approach each sales opportunity both on the phone and at the front counter. You said it wouldn’t be easy and we might only “reach” 75% of the sales associates. Well, you were wrong about one thing; we reached 90% of the associates, not the 75% you promised. We are extremely satisfied and excited about what the future holds for Mountain View Tire & Service Inc. We now have a cohesive sales plan when we open up the stores each day. The Molloy BDG Dashboard is a huge reason why your program is so effective. We can measure ~ in real time ~ exactly how each sales associate is progressing. It’s easy to use and equally as easy to implement at the store level. The recorded phone calls leave no doubt about how effective the program is and the coaching calls help sure up sales associates who are still struggling.  We look forward to a prosperous relationship with you for years to come.