Unleash the Beast! – How to Improve Communication in the Pursuit of Excellence

How would you like to light up the passion and commitment inside your entire company? By igniting a passion for learning and an ongoing pursuit of excellence that resonates throughout your entire team, it is possible to “Unleash the Beast” inside your company as it fully transforms into a customer service and sales driven monster.
The fact that all results spring from the communication we each generate never seems to be of question. After speaking with me for a few minutes, most business leaders and owner/operators will give me that due. I am 62 years of age and have committed my life and my company to teaching this basic philosophy. I’ve done so because it is THAT IMPORTANT!  In fact, I am 100% certain that there is no greater endeavor for you to engage in simply because all results are tied directly to one’s ability to communicate. We are not trying to sell an expensive training program, but rather have people ‘wake up’ to their full potential in life.
Results on the job… at home… with fellow employees, one’s children, one’s spouse and even one’s self… all of it is directly and inescapably tied to our communications skills!
Yet few of us have been taught how to communicate, and nary a company in the country has developed clear communications standards. Our programs in sales training, customer service training, and telephone training aim to be the catalyst to change this for you. Remember that in life, there are things that are imperative and things that are important. It’s important to make sure you wear matching socks in the morning before going to work. It’s imperative that you do whatever it takes to continually increase sales and customer retention, improve communication, handle difficult conversations appropriately, and increase branding visibility for your company. We would like the opportunity to answer the questions that are of most concern to savvy business leaders, like yourself:
·     Can my employees really learn to communicate more effectively?
·     Where will I find the time to make it happen?
·     How long will the improvements last?
·     Will it be worth the investment in time and money?
LISTEN to this interview below with our client Rick McLea, owner of McLea’s Tire and Automotive and hear how the power of communication can transform a company. Find out how Mr. McLea took the bull by the horns and “Unleashed the Beast” with some incredible results. Listen for yourself, your family and for your employees… then declare yourself ‘open’ to learning something new. Speak with us about how easy it is to implement the Molloy Process: “Language Of Commitment”.
Dan Molloy
Founder and CEO of Molloy BDG