Walking the Talk

Dan Molloy has taken the lessons he’s learned in life and turned them into lessons for business success.

Most mornings (every morning?) you can find Dan Molloy on a bike, in a pool, or running down the road. He’s not exercising just for the fun of it. Or to get in shape for his August road trip when he plans to visit clients in eight states. He’s also getting ready for the Olympic-distance national triathlon championships in Milwaukee.

Yes, at 64, Dan is a world-class triathlete.

He’s more than that. He’s also a singer and he’s made it a specialty of his to be an expert in one of the most difficult songs there is – The Star Spangled Banner. He sings it without the aid of music at many triathlons around the U.S. and he’s going to sing it again in Milwaukee to open up the nationals.

Why does Dan do it?“

I said I would.”

That pretty much sums of Dan’s philosophy of life. A philosophy he translates into the business world through his Language Of Commitment™ training program and seeks to communicate to his clients. Make a declaration, he says, and your world – business and personal – opens up. And if your declaration involves taking care of other people – as in, “I can help you with that” – you become unstoppable.

Dan Molloy | Molloy Business Development Group | Triathlon

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